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7 Tips for Installing Boat Flooring

I will say it again… Ditch that carpet! With the investment of money and a little time, you can give your pontoon the face-lift you have been dreaming about. And honestly, it will make your life easier by avoiding carpet stains, mildew, wood rot, etc. You wouldn’t put carpet in your bathroom so why have it on your pontoon? Follow these tips for installation and get excited for summertime boating!


When the bones are good, continue as you should!

After selecting one of the patterns you like, take a look at your pontoon’s subfloor structure. Double check it’s in strong condition, dry, and sanded smooth.  Discount Marine Flooring can still upgrade your boat and provide years of lasting coverage.


  1. Give yourself more than a single day.

Get in the mindset that installing DiscountMarineFlooring on your pontoon isn’t just a “Sunday Project” like cleaning out the garage. It is DIY friendly, but will require some time and effort.

  1. Consult with Mother Nature.

Between 65°F and 85°F is the best range for installation. Because vinyl contracts and expands, choose a time when the temperature is consistent and not drastically changing.

  1. Allow your DiscountMarineFlooring time to relax.

Roll the vinyl out and then fluff the product for a smooth lay. Because the vinyl comes wrapped around a core, take the core and use it to work from the center-out ensuring there are no wrinkles or air pockets. Wait 24 hours to install. This is a great time to grab your household utility knife and rough trim some of those edges for easier installment. (Don’t worry, you will come back to this at the end)

  1. Choose an adhesive and collect remaining tools.

When selecting an adhesive make sure it says safe for use with vinyl and safe for wood subfloor. The marine grade adhesives available here can be applied on vinyl and different subfloor surfaces. Be sure to get the right adhesive for your subfloor. Gather a trowel, a 100lb roller, that you can rent, and of course your household utility knife.                                                                                             

  1. Apply adhesive.

Don’t just slap some on and call it good. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s application instructions as you don’t want to find yourself buried with a problem. Continue the ‘Hinge Method’ for installation mentioned below in number six.

  1. Bring on the DiscountMarineFlooring.

The ‘Hinge Method’ of applying DiscountMarineFlooring is your saving grace. If you haven’t heard of it, think about drawing a line across the center of the vinyl. Flip one half over the other half and begin applying the adhesive on the subfloor from the center to the end, pushing the vinyl down inch by inch to ensure a strong bond. Repeat on the other side. Lastly, take the 100lb roller across the vinyl to remove any trapped air and to smooth wrinkles that could have formed.

  1. Trim!

Now the time has come to get those edges cut perfectly. Once again, take your utility knife and trim the excess as needed, keeping in mind the coping will cover the edge.

Remember… It isn’t a race and perfection takes time; however, if you follow these tips, you can have your pontoon looking luxurious by summertime!


  • Yes you can, Connie. Be sure to use an adhesive rated for your subfloor and the vinyl flooring and follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter. It’ll look great when you’re done!

  • Can this vinyl be used on a house wood deck

    connie peach

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