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How to Prep Your Boat for Summer Cruising

Are you ready for summer boating? Whether you are headed to the lake or getting ready to float down the river, your boat needs a little T.L.C after hibernating all winter. Avoid being stranded at sea on a dirty boat by following your checklist to get your boat ready.

All packed up and ready to go… but is your boat?  

  • Before sailing the open waters, check the mechanical systems to assure nothing needs replaced. Harsh winter weather can cause cracks/damages that can lead to leaks within engine, battery, and fuel systems.
  • Safety equipment such as life jackets, throwable flotation devices, and fire extinguishers should be examined after lying dormant.

Has your boat picked up unwanted guests like mold/mildew and other grime all winter?   

  • Start by cleaning the exterior. When doing this it’s best on dry land and away from any lakes or rivers to avoid contamination with chemicals.
  • Wear protective gloves if working with harsh products like wax and other protectants.

Different types of boat flooring need different types of care.

1. Boat Carpet

- Carpet requires lots of maintenance and is prone to stains, mold/mildew, and wood rot within the subfloor. Boards may need replaced after a long winter.
- Vacuuming is required to remove crumbs, dead bugs, hair or any other items that have wound up in carpet fibers.

 2. Vinyl Marine Flooring

- Cleaning vinyl Marine flooring is incredibly easy. Because the Discount Marine Flooring is 100% vinyl, simply use soap and water to clean and you’re done. No need to spend time scrubbing carpet and trying to remove stains and mold.

Knowing what steps to take after a long dormant winter can improve your boats longevity so you know your investment is worth it.

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