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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Marine Flooring is giving pontoons the “new boat” look without the new boat price. A simple upgrade that transforms any old, carpeted boat into a sleek new vessel. Here are some of the top frequently asked questions to help you out!

“How hard is the vinyl boat flooring to install? Can I do it myself or do I need to hire someone?”

Lucky for you, Discount Marine Flooring can be a DIY project! Before starting, let yourself know it’s a project that will take some time, but by following the right steps with the right tools, it can be done by yourself. The vinyl is easy to handle or roll out, and simple to adhere. You might want help removing seats, tables, etc. and it is just generally more fun to work with family or a friend to make the installation easier.   See 7 Tips for Installing Boat Flooring for tips and tricks to install Discount Marine Flooring successfully.

“What adhesive is recommended?”

Choosing an adhesive is very important as you want to make sure that your selection is compatible with outdoor conditions, your subfloor and the polyvinyl. It is essential that the marine grade adhesive list that it is safe for use on vinyl. If not, your Discount Marine Flooring polyvinyl could buckle and shrink as a reaction.  And of course, make sure the adhesive pairs well with your subfloor as most are usually plywood.

“How pliable is the material and is it easy to cut?”

Discount Marine Flooring is made up of 100% polyvinyl with no layers or fillers making it easy to handle. Cutting is effortless with a simple household utility knife for areas that need to be trimmed.

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