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Why There is no Better Time to Install Marine Flooring

Summer has come to an end, and sadly it’s time to close the curtain on summer boating. As every boater knows, preparing your boat for winter is key to an easy startup next spring. Winterizing your boat saves it from damage while lying dormant in the freezing temperatures. 

With a checklist of to-dos, now is the perfect time to install Discount Marine Flooring. After draining water, replacing the oil, and adding fuel stabilizers, it’s time to upgrade your flooring to something fresh for next season. Discount Marine Flooring can be installed by the avid DIY’er and comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

Why choose Discount Marine Flooring?

Discount Marine Pontoon Flooring goes beyond your expectations of just looking good. It protects boat decks from wood rot, provides an extremely durable, slip resistant surface, and UV resistant vinyl keeps your feet cooler while basking in the sunlight.

Carpet boat flooring is itchy, stains, snags, and absorbs odors like bait water. Discount Marine Flooring is waterproof, doesn’t mold, is resistant to oils, and most spills wipe right up.

There is no better time than now to upgrade your boat flooring! Learn how to install here.

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